Thursday, August 11, 2005

hazy days are here again

hazy days are here again, and this time we find it not so convenient to blame our indonesian brothers across the straits. apparently we have found that even malaysians are burning lots of stuff, horrors this time right next to the prime minister's own home.

the only good thing that comes out from the haze is that it provided yet another reason for the government to show that they're really serious about the whole disclosure bit. it's amazing to see how much information has been shared out, even the information that was previously considered to be sensitive, such as the APs, corruption cases, bribery cases etc. the release and publicity of the API heralds the now-unstoppable railway train progressing towards truth and accountability. so... yay!

a second observation about the haze has got to do with geo-paleontology and paleo-climatology. interesting to note that the API at its worst in KL was about 400+, which obviously pales in comparison to the intensity and extent of the haze that enveloped a lot more of Asia when Krakatoa exploded in 1888. certainly the asteroids that hit Earth in the Yucatan Peninsula and Tunguska in Siberia millions of years ago had pretty much the same effect. humans won't die of course, not from thousands of acres of forest burning in Sumatera every 4 years, but it's a close bet that anything more than this can significantly alter the balance of life to such an extent that environments can change and people can die.

*shudder* we gotta get our act in order!