Monday, August 29, 2005

hitting back at the big guys

pat robertson is a christian evangelist in the states, and he founded the Christian Coalition, a collection of christian organisations designed to support george bush in elections and in winning the war against liberals and to turn america into a land of intolerance, illiberalism and indoctrination, much like the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq and Malaysia that they abhor, judge and worst of all, invade.

recently he made a statement against Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, the 5th largest oil producer in the world. Mr Chavez recently offered to give free diesel to the poor people in america, if he had the necessary permission from the authorities and the distribution network to do it. that's only one of his 'transgressions' against america, the others being the "accusations" that he hurls against america for being monopolistic, dictatorial, arrogant and just plain evil.

so what does pat robertson the christian minister do? he says that the US government should "go ahead with any assassination attempts" on Mr Chavez.

now i am not a big fan of hugo chavez (god knows he's a bit off his rocker sometimes), but i'm thinking that pat robertson was just plain offensive, symptomatic of the usual american bravado and hubris that they're always in the right.

but here's the clincher! hugo chavez has now initiated legal proceedings in america to sue pat robertson, with the possibility of extraditing him to venezuala for "acts of terrorism'!!

whoa! i think that's fantastic! someone ought to go tell the big white bullies that the law applies equally vigorously to them too!


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