Thursday, September 29, 2005

what medicine does to doctors

two things happened recently that sort of made me think that we should be more careful doctors.

firstly, i fell sick with a stupid running nose and a slight fever, no thanks to the debate camp that we had over the weekend. i still had medicines left over from a month ago (yes, that recently) when i was sick, so i decided to pop a pill of Actifed in on monday afternoon, around 1pm, coz i was tired of blowing my nose. 20 minutes later i was woozy as hell, and so i went to bed, though i had a class at 2pm. man, being woozy isn't fun at all! the instructions on medicines are not joking are they, when they ask you not to operate heavy machinery etc.

by golly, if it weren't for attendance, i'd have skipped the 2pm class - it was hell!

secondly, today, a friend of mine tried to insert a brannula in me, as part of the anaesthesia curriculum. it's sorta fun when you do it, but not when it's done to you! now i have 4 pricks on my hand, two on each hand, and they hurt like hell!

so i have resolved: i'm going to be very careful dispensing medicines, and when i poke, man, i'm gonna cause no more than 5 seconds of pain!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

predicting the future

one day, i will meet someone who will understand me perfectly. she'll make time for me when i need her to (even when i don't utter a word), the same way i hope i'll be able to make time for her too. and she'll be a wonderful, gorgeous, smart, witty, interesting and talented woman too - all the things that i could ever ask in a woman.

maybe i'll fight with her a bit (she's passionate, after all), but i'm not sure what we'll fight about. maybe the colour of the family car, or where to buy a summer villa (i prefer a lavender Mini, and somewhere in Cape Town).

or maybe we won't fight at all, because we're quite busy making good conversation, memories, meals, stories and love. we'll have a gorgeous healthy family, and maybe we'll have a glass of wine or cup of cocoa or bottles of Japanese fruit juices before we go to bed at night.

yes... one day i will meet someone.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

penguin jokes

The Seven Dwarfs are on a vacation in Europe and receive an audience with the Pope.
As the oldest, Dopey serves as spokesman for his mates.

Standing before the Pope, Dopey asks, "Your excellency, are there any dwarf nuns in Vatican City?" The Pope thinks for a moment and says, "No, Dopey, there are no dwarf nuns in Vatican City." This makes the other six dwarfs snicker.

Dopey then asks, "Mr. Pope, are there any dwarf nuns in Europe?" "No," the Pope responds. "There are no dwarf nuns in Europe." Hearing this, the other six dwarfs fall to the floor, laughing and howling.

Dopey looks at the Pope and says, "Sir, are there any dwarf nuns in the orld?"
"No, my son," the Pope says. "There are no dwarf nuns anywhere in the world."
With this, the other six dwarfs began chanting, "Dopey made love to a penguin! Dopey made love to a penguin!"

Friday, September 16, 2005

3-word combos

hey, i thought of a better string of 3 word combos, the ones that you'd love to hear!
"let's make love"
"kiss me there"
"touch me there"
"more, more, more!"

3 word combos that may be the last thing you ever hear:
"hold on tight!"
"this will work!"
"this WILL work!"
"oh, my god!"

3 word combos that will never work on the ladies:
"fancy a f***?"
"i'm very rich"

any other ideas?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

exams are over!

mundane as that post-title may suggest, they may just be the most important 3 words for any student - aside from maybe "no homework today!", "sleep till noon", "increasing your allowance".

any other ideas?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

remembering september 11

4 years ago today, events occurred that have forever changed the way we will conduct out affairs: political, inter-religious, social. *shudder* scary to think that i was witness to one of the greatest defining moments in history - the kind that provokes questions of the "What were you doing when JFK was shot/Pearl Harbor bombed?" variety.

the first time i heard news of a plane crash in the States, i was in my first year in university. around 9.30pm that tuesday, Wai Seng (a really brainiac colleague) came running into my room to tell me about the plane crash, and we listened together to BBC in my room on shortwave radio (the Internet hadn't really taken hold of my university life yet).

i suppose we were kinda desensitised to the whole scenario, we didn't think that a plane was capable of crashing into the WTCs, suffering just like the CIA from a "failure of the imagination". i remember joking about it, thinking that it was just another rumour that was blown up all of proportion. so we switched off the radio after some time, and continued our lives.

the next morning brought news of KLCC being evacuated because of a bomb hoax, reactions from local politicians - and horrifyingly of all, the crash of the plane into the WTC with the headline saying: America Under Attack!

under attack indeed. such a dastardly act, unfathomable to anyone except to the stupid crazed terrorists who even contemplated such an act, let alone carry it out. no excuse of being the Great Satan or US foreign policy can be an excuse/reason/justification for such an attack. stupid terrorists.

in on stroke, they re-aligned the forces of politics and religion, two of the most combustible human activities ever, and forced america into a warpath, and led inevitably to a more dangerous world today.

such a complex situation does not warrant a generalisation of "it's the muslim terrorist's fault, their crazy religion" or "america is to blame, their crazy foreign policy revisited upon them" or "the root cause of everything: poverty".

we had ALL of us, better do something about this.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

categorical statements

:-) one can never be misunderstood if one makes simple and clear pronouncements that cannot be misinterpreted and misquoted and misunderstood. even by your own dad, haha!

1. i DO NOT wish for any tornado or hurricane or typhoon or earthquake or any catastrophe to befall any country in this world, the United States included. this is because i feel that natural evil of the biblical sort belongs, well, only in the Bible, ala Sodom and Gomorrah. there's no place in this world for generalised punishment for anyone, right or wrong. this evidently includes all acts of God perpetrated against America, despite my hating the President. i sympathise with Americans, and DO NOT feel that they are being punished for the transgressions of one individual, and DO NOT feel like they deserve it, simply because bush is evil. to summarise, I DO NOT WISH FOR ANY CATASTROPHE TO BEFALL ANYONE, NOT EVEN "EVIL" REGIMES LIKE TOGO AND NORTH KOREA.

2. i have never mentioned that New Orleans deserve any hurricane. i am hurting as much as the people there because one of my favouritest cities in the world is damaged, physically and psychologically.

3. i hate bush even more because he mismanaged the hurricane's aftermath. look what he did, reducing the money that was needed to reinforce levees, taking away 50% of National Guard troops and sending them to Iraq, made a joke about his boozing days in the Big Easy, didn't send anyone there until 4 days after the hurricane, gave away the marshes around New Orleans to his developer friends... my posts were all directed against his dangerous incompetence and outright callousness.

so there, i hope i've cleaned up the "mess" that my dad said i made. it should be painfully clear now that i have nothing but the best of feelings toward America, but no goodwill at all towards the dangerous clown in charge. and better yet, i have reasons to prove my stand, instead of conveniently lumping everyone who opposes bush into a camp labelled "Liberal and Unsophisticated Foreign Jealousy". yes, that means you too dad!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

dear mr anonymous

you know, anonymity has got to be the most irritating thing in the world, kinda like taking potshots at somebody without the intellectual courage and honesty to own up to your own beliefs. this time, i'm finding it mildly interesting, because someone other than my circle of friends have actually seen my blog (and that's cause for pleasure, perhaps?), and it's an american, against the world as usual.

i'm not attacking america per se, i really admire the "can-do" spirit of america, the eternal optimism, the resource-ability of americans everywhere, the fact that they have almost single-handedly driven world civilisation forward in terms of economics, ideas, science, medicine etc etc for the past century perhaps... all these are amazing feats! and you know what, i say that with absolute honesty, and if you still think that's unsophisticated, trade Harvard for UKM then!

but it's *despite* bush that the whole world admires america, its tenacity, it's boundless energy and ideas, Hollywood movies and Lindsay Lohan. what's wrong with this picture of america now, leftist-centrist-rightist of bloody communist, is that you have a dangerous village idiot in charge of an entire nation, someone who has taken america out of the Kyoto Protocol (and then had his REPUBLICAN state governors reverse his principles and commit their states California and New York to self-imposed carbon limits), committed america to 2 wars (one partially justified, the other totally UNjustified), gave tax breaks to the rich, presided over a 2 TRILLION dollar deficit, reversed whatever liberal laws that actually protect the citizens of a country... by any of these measures, how can anyone, conservative or liberal, consider bush to be any form of a success?

there'll always be differing opinions, for certain, but when the VAST majority of opinions from both sides of the Atlantic, right-left, dim-bright, Mason-Dixon line, racial divide, haves-havenots and whatever distinction you wish to draw - when they all say that bush have really erred this time (and what's he concerned with now? managing the "political fallout"), then i'm thinking that you, dear Mr Anonymous, need to have a bit more serious thought before putting up poorly-reasoned, prejudiced and emotional posts on the blogs of strangers.

(plus, at least Kim Jong Il and Muammar Gadaffi doesn't pretend that they are the saviours of mankind... haha!)

obgyn examinations

sometimes i don't know how to juggle my time properly. i have exams next week, and yet i still have to arrange for training etc, and work out a few things that are left outstanding. it's lucky that i need distractions at this point in my life (albeit small, not time-intensive ones), such as bills, MOs, money transfers, the occasional email and a blog.

you study so much that sometimes you wish that the bloody exam is over and done with... you're quite ready to take it, and you enjoy showing off your knowledge (that's what the professors always say... "during oral examinations, always get yourself in situations where you can show off your knowledge"), and you're just a bit too tired to study the same thing over and over again.

sigh... i wish it was over. i have a tournament to go to, and i can't wait!

Friday, September 02, 2005

hurricane katrina - politics for bush

george bush is a fucking asshole. sometimes i wonder how can so many americans be so stupid as to vote him into office. how can someone so manifestly stupid and evil get to the highest office in the world and stay there for 8 years? he backs big business, is anti-environment, anti-islam, anti-small government, anti-just about everything in this world that's sensible, logical and right.

as i read more about the devastation of New Orleans, i'm beginning to discover more and more about what that stupid fool in the White House did -
1. reducing emergency preparedness budgets by 80% to fight his stupid war
2. letting go of the wetlands around New Orleans to his greedy developer friends
3. withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol and then being stupid and stubborn during the G8 summit recently
4. ignoring all sorts of requests from many (many) prominent scientists to give the environment some modicum of priority
5. sending the National Guard to iraq, and leaving nobody behind now in Louisiana to fight the mobs and looters.

americans have the world's stupidest and most evil village idiot as their leader.

i hate bush, and wish he'd just disappear alongside whatever waves of discontent that had better hit washington.

Sidney Blumenthal has his say:,16441,1561356,00.html