Saturday, May 06, 2006

(oooh, i'm so NOT flirting)

this is horrible isn't it? i won't mind buying books for myself, but it's such a beautiful feeling to receive a book gift (or any sort of gift for that matter) from someone else - but it's got to be something thoughtful and well-chosen, demonstrating much effort in its procurement, and it doesn't have to be expensive in the least.

anything to get a free book - i suppose that amazon link is a really good start, and Kino's always a great place for any sort of book, plus you can order anything in the world at the Service Desk.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Robert Sabuda - Winter's Tale

it's still a mystery to me, who I Bet You Know Who I Am is. no clues, no hints, nothing. but he/she was nice enough to send me a link to Winter's Tale, and it's amazingly affordable!!

yippee! does anyone want to buy it for me? i'm incredibly anal about taking care of my books, no dog-eared pages, always bookmarked, kept in dry environment, all wrapped up, away from sunlight and moisture... my books are perfect!

maybe i could arrange like a paypal collection or something, that'll be great!

pop-up books

i want a pop-up book as a gift!!! for absolutely no reason at all, i want a pop-up book! and i want Sabuda's "Winter's Tale". there is a cottage with real, dancing fairy lights that come on when you pull a flap.

ok do i sound gay? i better not - i just appreciate the engineering and effort that goes into such a creation like pop-up books. not the usual run-of-the-mill ones, but beautifully crafted ones that (sheesh i can't believe i'm saying this) take your breath away!

somebody buy me one, quick!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

this blog isn't dead - only in repose

well, this blog isn't dead - only in repose. it's been one month since i last wrote anything here, and i guess it's one month since my exams all finished and i am finally done with my MD. the last 4 months have been extremely extremely difficult, and i am still not sure how i made it through them - a bit of grace and prayer, and a huge dose of support from my friends and the people around me, as well as a few people from a bit of a distance away (in keeping with the policy of this blog of not naming names).

things are good, i'm back in taiping now, resting after 5 strenuous years of non-stop effort. i think i'm entitled to a bit of rest now, and i think it'll be wonderful for me to just sit back and read what i want, sleep a little late, do some sports, watch some movies - for a week or two before i start preparing again for my housemanship.