Monday, June 19, 2006

my dear grandmother

tonight i am alone at home. my mother has left for the UK this morning to be with my sister during her convocation. my grandmother stayed behind in penang to stay with my aunt.

my dad's cousin came to our place today, and i was chatting with him for a bit. it didn't take that chat for me to realise how special my grandmother is to me - how she has endured so much in her life and yet retained such grace and patience and charm. she is without a doubt the nicest person i have ever known.

and a sense of girlishness too - it was upon her mild insistence that we tried a drive-through McDonald's in penang yesterday evening, because she's never tried it before and she was wondering how it would be like. :-)

she's suffered so much all her life - to lose two sons and a daughter before her own time is absolutely abominable. no parent should have to bury their children, but she did it three times.

there had better be a heaven, because there is nothing left that her children and her grandchildren and her great-grandchildren can do to make her happy. it's all in God's hands now, and may He bless her with all His might.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day, dad

my mum's flying off to the UK tomorrow, to spend a month there with my sister whose convocation is July 14th. originally the plan is to travel the UK and maybe a bit of Europe with my dad, but the plans have changed a bit.

my dad has never been on a plane before. he's proud of that fact too - that he came from a relatively poor family and that he slowly made his way up in life, accumulating assets and friends, love and memories, photographs and achievements.

this trip to the UK that he was supposed to take with my mom was supposed to be one of highlights of the proudest time of his life: both his children were about to graduate, within 1 month of one another.

it was more than just a plane flight to a convocation - it was symbolic of his life's work completed. it was all the hard work paying off. it was all the sacrifices being worth it finally.

i can never fully understand how he would have felt, not until i have children of my own and watch them come of age. i want so desperately to have that conversation with my father, about how he would have felt if he had been here. i want to know how he feels now.

i miss him so much, and these days i keep hearing the sound of him coming back home. hallucinations aren't a good thing at all, but i wonder if he's really more alive than not, despite what has happened.

Happy Father's Day, dad.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Argentina's World Cup

i feel very privileged last night as i was sitting down at home to watch Argentina play Serbia-Montenegro. i feel that there is no better subject to begin posting again on this blog, after the highlights of my life in the past few months, from buying new tables that signify new beginnings, to my scuba trip to Sipadan, to A Winter's Tale...

before this tournament began, i had felt that Argentina would prove to be too strong for the rest of the tournament - i have seen Saviola, Riquelme, Aimar, Mascherano, Messi, Maxi Rodriguez and Crespo play, and i was very impressed by the intelligence and technique behind their play. i've never seen Tevez, Sorin, Luis Gonzalez play before though, but i've read about how Tevez charmed Corinthians, Sorin overlaps and Gonzalez provides energy and flicks - but to see the whole team play yesterday was one of the most beautiful World Cup experiences i have ever had.

my first World Cup was 1990, when West Germany won and Schilacchi scored 6 - it was an abiding memory certainly, made all the more special because i had a small school exercise book that i pasted pictures on, all sorts of pictures from the newspapers. the cover of the book had a huge golden ball on it, with the word DUNHILL splashed across the ball. yup, i was a huge football fan!

and after less than inspiring victories for Brazil in '94 and '02 and a slightly more majestic French-Zidane performance in '98 - this '06 Argentina team is really showing me the magic of the World Cup again.

here's my bet - Argentina will beat the Netherlands next week, and make it to the Finals and win this tournament outright. it's too bad that Messi and Tevez might start on the bench again, but should Pekerman show some sane madness - they might just be the ones to win it for them!