Monday, July 31, 2006

The Start of Something Good

i start work tomorrow, my first real job. man i'm afraid someone will get hurt because of my lack of knowledge and experience - but you know what? tomorrow will be The Start of Something Good. i'm looking forward to working already, and i'm looking forward to being the best i can be!

i refuse to blog any more, the day before i start work. time for myself!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Hundredth Post

The Hundredth Post - it's so easy to look for and find significance in the smallest things in life, isn't it?

The Hundredth Post comes at a milestone in my life too. first, my mother came home from a gorgeous month in London and Paris. then, my sister came home from 3 pulchritudinous (go look it up!) years in LSE.

then i got my letter of appointment to my first ever job - Pegawai Perubatan in Hospital Taiping. i start on August 1 by reporting to the State Health Director.

a red-letter day? surely, but surely also a scared-stiff day! no more claiming ignorance because i'm a student, or playing truant or skipping classes, or feigning illness or being irresponsible and footloose.

sigh... i'm an adult! now i can't wait to retire!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wyn Nee - my First Class sister

universities, at least in its original conception, are a place where the minds of young men and women are moulded. they were originally conceived as a place of higher learning, but not only of an intellectual learning. they were a place of growth in all respects; emotionally, philosophically, intellectually.

those who seek entry into universities merely to obtain a piece of paper that ensures a job in the future are sadly misguided. there is so much opportunity for learning and growth in universities inside and outside of the lecture theatres.

it just so happens that entry to university comes at a beautiful age for identity-searching, independence-seeking and maturing youths. at that age, they learn how to work things out for themselves and not to rely on their parents, when they move away to study. at that age, they're not too young to be afraid and not too old to lose passion and energy. at that age, they're unencumbered by bills and life's demands, and are free to explore and investigate.

it's a beautiful time, the university years - Wyn Nee is a beautiful example.

she just graduated from the London School of Economics, one of the top 5 universities in the world, with a First Class in Accountancy!!

when you factor in so many other experiences - her travels all over Europe and the UK, her part-time jobs (and subsequent offers to stay on permanently), her writings for her friends' websites, her volunteering for the Athens Olympics, her culinary adventures at home for friends and family, her strong relationships with other people - it makes that First Class all the more spectacular given that she wasn't one of those one-dimensional creatures who only spend 18 hours a day in the library, every day for 3 years.

but you know, gentle readers, this isn't just an intellectual coming-of-age. that First Class wasn't just a testament of her intellectual brawn, but of her emotional courage and strength as well.

the last 6 months have not been easy months for Wyn Nee, dealing with our father's passing, and then her god-father's passing, and being so far away from home and so alone. those were pretty dark and difficult months, but she bore it all with a fortitude and grace that amazes everyone who was witness to it.

i am fiercely proud of her not only because of the First Class (which is already reason enough to be proud of someone), but of the circumstances in which it was achieved. so much grace, so much patience, so much love, so much strength - that is testament to who she has become, someone larger than life.

she has left everyone in awe of her achievement, and in awe of what the future might bring. with job offers in the UK and the world before her, we're waiting with bated breath her next move!!

it was never only about examinations and how much you studied for it. it was never about As and First Class alone and in isolation. all things are relative, and in this case the First Class Accountant should also be a First Class Lady and First Class Daughter.