Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Go To The Mountains

today i was in the gynae wards, when all of a sudden 10 patients came in within 4 hours, between 10am and 2pm. it wasn't a pretty sight - i finish clerking one and two more come in.

i finished somehow, grabbed a bite, went back to the maternity wing where i'm based, and found another 10 (count 'em) mothers admitted after emergency caesarians, vaginal births, MRPs, and for elective caesarians scheduled for tomorrow.

when i finish i go to the labour room, help conduct a delivery - and finished the whole day around 6.45pm.

it had rained very heavily in the afternoon, but the sun had come out again, and the whole world was nice and washed and clean and smelling fantastic.

but the mountains... oh the mountains. Taiping has the Bintang Range on its east, and the town centre is literally 5 minutes from the foothills. the mountains are so close you can almost reach out and touch them, and that's just on ordinary days.

but today... today was so clear you could see individual trees in the mountains, the sun casting its evening rays on the mountains so beautiful your heart ached and cried out God's name in praise of His creation.

i'm tired and i needed sleep, food, time alone, music, a long hot bath, a massage, a good movie, Sarah McLachlan and Lost - but something beckoned deep inside of me, a calling for me to go to the mountains, to seek strength and to seek solace.

i was physically tired today, emotionally drained from re-assuring patients and giving a small part of myself to them. most days all i would want to do is to go straight home and then turn in as soon as i can.

but today, i didn't turn left to go home... i kept going, to the mountains. i went to the mountains!! :-)