Saturday, September 02, 2006

One Month at Work

yesterday was my first month anniversary at work. yes i know, mindblowing, isn't it? i never actually thought i would one day end up working. enticing dreams of late morning wake-ups, afternoon naps, long fancy dinners and midnight movies are all gone now.

no more curling up in bed on rainy mornings, reading. no more dallying over the computer, reading from Dilbert's blog. no more episodes of 24 and Lost and House. sigh... no more football too.

i am super-out-of-shape. just yesterday i was post-call (slept an hour) and came home at 6pm. i thought i'll just go kick a ball in the park - now i've pulled a muscle in my left thigh. i'm hurting, and i'm on-call again tomorrow.

i had a look at the work that i turned in when i was a medical student - case writeups and notes and all - gosh, i was so immature back then! and the worst part is, i actually thought i had a grip on things!! sigh, it would be so funny if it weren't so scary!

thankfully though - i still love what i'm doing, more each day! :-) here's to the next one month!


Anonymous mugs said...

welcome to the wonderful world of medicine,sweeks.glad you're enjoying every (waking) hour of it.;)take care dear

Sunday, September 03, 2006  

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