Tuesday, October 24, 2006


i was on call on Sunday, 2 days ago. the day began innocently enough, with the Labour Room empty when i went in at 6.30am.

here's what i did for the rest of my day, from 7am 22/10/06 till 7am 23/10/06:

0649 - 23 year old gravida 2, to LR
0724 - 27 year old gravida 1, to LR
1000 - 40 year old gravida 3, to the wards
1005 - 27 year old gravida 1, to the wards
1145 - 27 year old gravida 4, to LR
1154 - 29 year old gravida 2, to the wards
1230 - 22 year old gravida 1, to LR
1304 - 26 year old gravida 5, to LR
1338 - 27 year old gravida 4, to the wards
1345 - 28 year old gravida 1, to the wards
1430 - 36 year old gravida 5, to LR and then emergency Caesarian
1618 - 19 year old gravida 1, to LR
1706 - 27 year old gravida 3, to LR
1845 - 22 year old gravida 2, to LR
1906 - 40 year old gravida 2, to the wards
2022 - 26 year old gravida 1, to LR
2149 - 36 year old gravida 2, to LR
0308 - 24 year old gravida 2, to LR and then emergency Caesarian
0340 - 29 year old gravida 2, to LR
0700 - 33 year old gravida 4, to the wards

that's 20 admissions that i attended to in 24 hours, out of 27 in that whole day. it was so super tiring!!

i was so knackered on monday afternoon that all i could do was collapse. today, i'mm going to have myself a good day!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Larger Than Life

i was in the gynae clinic today, seeing patients with their various concerns. i have a habit of trying to attach significance to every patient that i see, in order that we may find some common ground from which to build a good (and perhaps even beautiful) relationship.

today i saw a lady, whose husband worked in the Taiping Vet's Office, where my dad used to work at, for nearly 18 years of his life.

so i asked her, does she know her husband's colleagues? she said yes. i asked if she knew Encik Khor, and she said yes! she said yes, and then she said that he was such a grand gentleman, always very caring, very hardworking and very pleasant.

at times like these, i feel so lonely. the man that i looked up to, the man that i still look up to - he's no longer here to guide me and tell me what to do, where to go and what to aim for.

i have large shoes to fill, and i can only hope and pray that i will one day be half the man that my late father is.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

telescoping visions

i was on a walkabout around town the other night. occasionally i like to go walking around and drinking all sorts of stuff - i began with soya bean milk with grass jelly, then sugar cane, then ais kacang and then finished with (steroid-pumped, no doubt) chinese herbal tea.

this was friday night, the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. i didn't go for that lantern stuff in the Lakes, didn't have a partner and didn't feel like a crowd - so i went drinking.

so after a huge dose of water, i went walking around again, and i found this charming little shop that sells watches, clocks, alarms, calculators, binoculars and telescopes.

and i found a professional-looking telescope! haha! i was so happy, and i just had to promise myself that one day i'll buy a proper telescope and peer into the heavens!

what a gorgeous Mid-Autumn night - hydration and astronomy go very well together!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Things I Didn't Know Happened

here's a list of things that i didn't know happened over the last few weeks:

1. Shinzo Abe is the new japanese PM, replacing Junichiro Koizumi, he of the salt-and-pepper hair. after a period of japanese re-assertion and growth, Abe is now poised to take over and continue re-asserting japan's new role in the world - starting with renaming the Self-Defense Forces as the Japanese Armed Forces (while hopefully staying away from Yasukuni).

2. apparently Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has angered someone again - this time it's something about the chinese folks in malaysia being compliant, obedient and marginalised. wait, what kind of a role is Minister Mentor anyway? hopefully it has absolutely nothing to do with the Mentor, that self-insulting mockery of a reality TV show on malaysian telly.

3. Kofi Annan is retiring (or finished his tenure, or something), and the race is hotting up for a replacement. the south korean foreign minister, Ban Ki-Moon is the front-runner - but those dastardly western folks are holding out for an alternative candidate. since Asia is next in line for a UN sec-gen, where's Lee Kuan Yew when we need him?

4. Thailand has got a new PM (a retired general appointed by the military, while in the next breath claiming that they are accelerating reforms to return power to the people). uh, what was that? i can't even be happy that Thaksin was deposed.

5. a bunch of ikan bilis beached themselves in Spain. apparently they were escaping a predator or something. no more nasi lemak for those spanish folks for a while, i guess.

6. George Bush the Anti-Terrorist has withdrawn habeas corpus rights for suspected terrorists, banned "serious" torture and physical harm during interrogation (presumably allowing non-serious torture and physical harm) and allowed the declaration of a US citizen as an "enemy combatant". wait - oh forget it, i'm not going to even try to reason out why he did that.

7. Blair and Brown are fighting to be British PM, dividing their party and making a spectacle of British politics. not since Chamberlain's White Paper was there so much re-assurance about the clarity of British foreign and domestic policy than now.

oh gosh, so much has happened it's so scary!