Monday, February 19, 2007

Excerpts from The Past

i lost my stylus, the one for my age-old palmtop that i hope to replace sometime soon with a flash new device.

it got stuck under the bed (i was reading with the lights off, in bed, again), so i overturned the bed to find it, but i couldn't find it. so i guess that means that i must go and replace my age-old palmtop with something flash, soon.

anyway, i found an A4 paper with my essay on it, from way back from secondary school, maybe in lower secondary school. it's easily 10 years old.

it's one of those "Complete a story that begins with the sentence "such-and-such so-and-so" "essays, and it goes:

.... apprehensive. Henry was in a dangerous situation. He could easily be swept away bu the flood waters. By now, water had reached his ankle and had wet his shoes.

Henry felt uneasy more and more by the minute. Being a non-swimmer, he could easily be drowned. His mind raced back to all of yesterday's happenings.

His mother had just given birth to a baby boy, and had expected Henry to come to the hospital after school.

Water was still rising steadily. Occasionally there was thunder in the sky. He thought of his mother in the hospital, patiently waiting for Henry, then to all of his classmates all safe and sound in their homes. All of a sudden, he longed to be one of them.

He stared blankly at the water. Tears welled up in his eyes. A few tears streamed down his cheeks.

Hours passed. hunger and thirst had long been forgotten. He clasped his hands in prayer. he prayed that the water receded quickly. Finally the rain stopped, and the water receded. An army truck looking for victims of the flash floods appeared, and took Henry to the hospital.

For Henry, it was an ordeal he will never forget.

oh. my. gosh. did i write that? horriblehorriblehorrible!

Sunday, February 04, 2007


i wish i could to go a waterfall soon, and just bring a book and some junk food and read a bit under the shade.

or maybe i could go to a cinema and watch a movie - movies are the best escapism-while-conscious - plus, there's airconditioning.

you know what sounds good? a nice lazy day where i can wake up a little later and have a nice lingering breakfast with the newspapers, then come home for some reading, and then a nice lingering lunch and dinner, with a nice nap in between, and maybe a movie after dinner.

or how about a really nice chair, one that you can just sink in and disappear? or a gorgeous weekend where you don't have to talk to anyone at all?

gosh, instead, i'm stuck doing this presentation for tomorrow, when all i wanna do is to go to bed.