Sunday, June 24, 2007

(another subject-less post)

i got off work today at 9am!!!!!! that's virtually unheard-of as a house officer, so i better qualify my statement by stating that i have only 4 patients to cover today, having discharged a whole bunch of them the previous week. then i finished all my work over the last few days as well.

and i discharged a lady who was staying in the wards for 3 whole months - doctors came and went, but i managed to discharge her. not exactly a moment of pride, but certainly a reward for persistence.

i've been doing lots of things and having lots of new and interesting experiences over the last few weeks - i went to Grik and Banding, drove part of the East-West Highway, finished a novel in one weekend, watched a movie on telly, slept till late.

and then i went to Ipoh to be with another 7 King Scouts from St George's, to receive our King Scout certificates from Raja Nazrin. 9 years late, but a cert is a cert anyway. poorly organised ceremony, and i'm angry at a lot of powers-that-be, and Benedict and i got into a heated argument with the Assistant State Commissioner after the ceremony. :-) what happened to loyalty and respect huh?

then i was in OT till 10pm the next day. and that was the low point of my last few weeks.

but today - oh glorious day! i'm free from 9am!!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

breakfast of eggs and newspapers

today, i am a very contented man. i was on-call throughout last night, and i managed to get 3 hours of sleep from midnight to 3am, and i woke up to 5 new admissions, which i settled before 5.30am.

it was too late to go back to sleep, but too early to start my ward rounds. so i decided i'd go for breakfast, maybe something hot. so i go on my way, and happen to come across the distribution centre for newspapers in Taiping!

for all of Taiping! and it was 5.30am! absolutely no one in Taiping would have read the newspapers today yet, at that time! wow! i actually think it's quite an honour to be the first person in Taiping to read the newspapers today! :-)

so i buy a copy, and i walk to this mamak stall just next door, and i had eggs and roti telur for breakfast.

wow... the day was off to a perfect start! :-)

Monday, June 04, 2007

King Scout

i was going to write a lot about getting my King Scout's honours this June 19th, 9 years after qualifying during the Standardisation Camp. it's going to be a oh-the-years-how-have-they-gone-by kind of post, which would be boring and ultimately pointless.

and then i came across what George Cohen said, when he received his knighthood in 2002 from QE, about 36 years after winning the World Cup for England in 1966:

"I could have told the Queen that, although we were very happy to receive the honour, in truth we felt it was a proper and necessary thing, it was not as though for one single moment down the years we had ever felt unfulfilled.

"We had something you couldn't mint, and still less dispense in any honours list. We had knowledge of ourselves and something we had achieved, which would hold us against the worst of our days. Of course, it did not provide any proofing against worry or disappointment, or even despair. It didn't remove the possibility of a little envy at the way our livelihood had become awash with what we might feel, in our grouchier moments, had become easy money indeed.

"It wasn't such a great help to me when I was twice told that the cancer had come back - or when I had to pick up the broken pieces of my life without the all-enveloping reassurance and peace that comes with a shot of morphine.

"No, real life is not so accommodating. It tells you that the shelf life of euphoria can be brief. But then sometimes it gives a gift which cannot be taken away. Only 10 Englishmen alive [nine now] know what it is like to win a World Cup, and sadly our number do not appear under imminent threat of invasion, judging by the tournaments in Japan in 2002 and Germany last summer. Having an MBE, quite honestly, didn't affect our sense of achievement too much, but it was nice to have. It took away a rankle, a little tug of resentment which nobody needs."

it took away a rankle, a little tug of resentment which nobody needs. yeah, i've worked hard for that certificate with all the Sultans signatures on it, yup, it's going to get framed and hung - but frankly, i have something that can't be minted. :-)

who knew footballers could be so eloquent?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

my list of books to read

here's a list of books that i bought over the last one year, that are staring at me from my shelf - books that i have yet to find time to read. i keep buying books that i keep convincing myself that i will read - next week, one day soon, when i go on holiday, after this week's worth of EOD calls, tomorrow after dinner - but i now know that i may never read for another 1-2 years, during which more books may be bought, and certainly more books will come into print.

1. The World is Flat, Friedman - halfway.
2. The Struggle for Europe, Hitchcock - never started.
3. Collapse, Diamond - halfway.
4. Guns, Germs and Steel, Diamond - one-third.
5. Paradise, Toni Morrison - halfway.
6. The Fugitive, Ananta Toer - one-third.
7. Catch-22, Heller - never started.
8. Norwegian Wood, Murakami - completed. (yay!)
9. End of the World, Murakami - never started.
10. As the River Flows, Coelho - completed during my recent short break to KL/Ipoh. (yay!)
11. 100 years of solitude, Garcia Marquez - two thirds.
12. Slaughterhouse Five, Vonnegut - never started.
13. Lucky Jim, Amis - halfway.
14. Brave New World, Huxley - never started.
15. Omerta, Puzo - completed. (yay!)
16. The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky - never started. never dared, actually.
17. Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, Kasper & Braunwald - eternally struggling.

sigh... much as i don't like it, it's really Number 17 that's important. well, back to Paradise!