Tuesday, August 07, 2007

cracked ribs are not funny

i played football yesterday, scored two goals and cracked a rib - the 6th one on my right side.

i was going for a 50-50 ball, and the other guy reached it before me - kicked the ball into my hand (which was luckily protecting my face) and then crashed his elbow into my chest.

now it hurts, when i inspire deeply and when i get up from a lying position and when i laugh. sigh... people get morphine infusions when they get rib fractures, and i have to settle for two glasses of water and an "are you ok?" by my mom.

so i went for an X-ray today, and showed it to my radiologist. i told him it was mine, and told him the circumstances, and the first thing he asked was, "was it your first time playing football?" sigh... do i look that unathletic?

his first comment was, "there's no pneumothorax". (it's a life-threatening condition when a fractured rib punctures the lung) i laughed out loud, because the very idea of it is so absurd! i wouldn't be walking around if i had a life-threatening condition, right?

so anyway he said it was a normal X-ray, so i went to play football again today. the score was Goals 1, Ribs 0. haha!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

wyny is back back back!

my sister is back home in Taiping from London, she came home last night from penang airport after a connecting flight from Singapore. she's back back back!

not for good though, she's still going back to London on Sept1 to resume work and her upwardly-mobile career.

but anyway, she's home for nearly a month! and guess what she bought me? not Harrod's truffles, not Harry Potter, not Topshop clothes, not the strong British pound - she bought me The Guardian newspaper, Friday 4 August 2007! delirium reigned when she showed me the berliner edition of The Guardian, fresh from the UK!

i'm over the moon (about my sister, not the newspaper)!!!