Monday, October 29, 2007

i'm an Arsenal man

way back in 2004, when Cesc Fabregas was only 17 years old, and Gilberto and Vieira ruled the Arsenal midfield, he was wearing the No 16 jersey.

no one really knew who he was or how good he plays - but i have an old Arsenal jersey, the very first jersey i have ever bought, with No 16 across the back.

now Fabregas is 20 years old and he's wearing No 4, and he's ruling all the midfields in England! now tell me i don't have an eye for young talent. :-)

i suppose i support Arsenal because it's one of only a few teams in England who do not carry a geographic name - i think that's really cool, as is the nickname Gunners, so appropriate for their club name.

more importantly, it's the philosophy of Arsene Wenger that draws me - the trust he places in people aged between 17 and 21, who have barely finished pre-university if they were in Malaysia. the likes of Walcott, Fabregas, Bendtner, Sagna, van Persie, Flamini - gosh, you'd think they were much older than their real age, judging from the way they play.

and it's also the kind of football they play - walk-the-ball-into-the-net, first-time-one-touch, pass-your-opponents-to-death football. artistic, beautiful and ultimately the aspiration of the Brazils and Barcelonas of the world.

Arsenal winning means a triumph for their commitment to the beautiful game, and i'm happy the same way i don't begrudge Manchester United or even Chelsea winning, provided they win beautifully. it's just that Arsenal has the obvious added attraction of a commitment to youth and building (instead of buying) a team from scratch - so here's to the Arsenal!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Homage to Capitalism

i got an email today from a friend - she wanted to know why i didn't have ads on my blog.

didn't have a good reply to that - was it to keep my thoughts untainted from the curse of Mammon? the amount of money i earn from ads on a blog with few readers would be negligible, so why bother anyway? maybe it's a compromise on my moral integrity?

oh whatever - a couple of extra bucks isn't going to make me any less of a human being. maybe this could be an experiment in free-market economics (make me rich, filthy rich, and i'll buy you your heart's desire, muahaha!) - i'll let you know if i come up richer at the end of one calendar year.

so please please for the love of Mammon - click away! :-)

mom's cooking

you're not salivating - those are tastebud tears of joy.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Short Story

i just had to write this - a short story in less than a couple hundred words:


it was inevitable from the very beginning - despite the way it teetered on the precipice, going first one way, and then the other, balancing all of John's hopes and dreams and darkest fears in its balletic dance with Fate:

Route A - plunging into an abyss of dismal depths, submerged and drowning, derided and laughed at by chance and circumstance, or

Route B - salvation, a return to status quo and infinite relative happiness, a sense of a complete whole-ness of being, with a promise and a prayer of no repeats.

"She completes me", thought John, "I have to try to save her." and made a grab for her, but alas! Nokia had fallen headlong into the loo.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

WANTED: (criteria as below)

wanted: the person below:

Oh the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person,
having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all
right out, just as they are -- chaff and grain together -- certain that a
faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with
the breath of kindness blow the rest away. -George Eliot (pen name of Mary Ann Evans), novelist (1819-1880)

Monday, October 08, 2007

i got a girl to sit on my lap!

i just got back from KL. on my way back, i had to take a bus from Puduraya to Hentian Duta, because all buses travelling up north depart from Hentian Duta now, due to the Raya holidays.

it was a RapidKL bus, and i managed to get a seat. they waited till the bus was full though, before they were willing to move.

there was this pretty young thing who got on the bus as well. i suppose she was going to Hentian Duta as well. the bus moved but a few minutes into the journey, suddenly stopped.

next to this sweet young thing was a guy with a big bag, and next to him was an obese Malay woman, also with a big bag. when the bus stopped suddenly, the immense inertia of the obese woman caused her to knock into the guy, and caused him to knock into the aforementioned sweet young thing.

her face was hit by the bag, but she was rubbing it and didn't cry. so i offered her to sit on my lap, and she looked hesitant for just two seconds, and then climbed on! she sat upright in the beginning, but by the end of the 20minute trip, she was already half asleep lying across my chest!

gosh, i'm in love with a five-year-old! :-)