Sunday, June 22, 2008

unrelated threads

do you know how Penans hunt? i'm told this by Henry, a Penan friend i made recently.

they'll have these blowpipes that they can blow umm, very hard, i guess. hard enough to pierce a thin metal sheet, like a large tin of cooking oil. Henry swears on his life that he's seen something like that happening. and they are accurate from up to 30 metres!

the darts have some sort of poison there, but it takes 15 minutes to work.

so they crawl silently from different directions as near as they can to a group of monkeys, say, and shoot one (1) dart. the monkey rubs his rump and doesn't say a word. the humans lie still and doesn't make a sound.

in 15 minutes, the unfortunate monkey falls down to the ground, whereupon all the other monkeys climb down to investigate. then it's a free-for-all, for the hunters at least.

Napoleon & Colin Powell, you can weep!


i also saw in the newspaper the other day, an ad from the Qatar Government, offering scholarships for a Masters program in the Qatar State University (or equivalent). they were listing down the criteria to qualify for that scholarship.

in reverse order (but in not so many words):
5. must achieve a pass in Arabic.
4. must have a strong fundament in the Holy Quran.
3. must achieve a cGPA >3.8 in the undergraduate years.
2. noble standing and leadership qualities.

and the No 1 criteria to qualify for that prestigious scholarship is (in exact words)...
1. Must submit a completed application form.

sheesh! would post-graduate applicants really not think of that? maybe an alternative criteria is:
1. Must submit a completed application form.
2. Possesses a carotid pulse.
3. Capable of spontaneous respiration.

some things are so obvious.


i'm finished with my medical tagging, and i start calls next month. cardio emergencies still scare me, so much so that i've actually read the repair manual of the defibrillator, just in case that damn thing breaks down at 4am.

there's still so much more left to learn, and not all of them concerns Part 2a. there's a world of difference between an examination and real life, but i guess i'm looking forward to that challenge!

back to work!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Week 1 in Medicine

i got a transfer to Medical, from Traumatology, and i started June 2nd. i'm happy! i love what i'm doing.

i still have to tag for around a month, 8am to 8pm, but the days pass quite quickly because i love what i'm doing.

i wake up around 7am plus, and get to work around quarter to. have a look around the ward, and then go for passover in the morning. come back for rounds and then go see some referrals and then go to clinic (even though i'm not scheduled there). but i guess it's okay, because i love what i'm doing.

i maybe work through lunch (i've skipped 4 out of 5 lunches this past week) or read something, but i don't get really hungry. i hydrate myself properly though.

i check on some of the more ill inpatients in the PM, then do some paperwork. and then if i get a referral in the PM, i go see them, and before i know it it's already past 7pm.

i did my first bone marrow aspiration, and 2 subclavian lines and 3 chest taps - too bad i didn't get the consent for a lumbar puncture!

i'm in Medical now, and life's busy and i have to constantly study and read and improve myself - but i sure as hell love what i'm doing!