Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!

there are lots of things i want to write about, like whether or not a doctor should be forced to attend the funerals of those he failed to save, or how aggressive you want to be with an 85 year old lady, or what shall we do with that 48 year old ex-smoker who has horrible lungs but refuses to be intubated and sent to ICU?

all morbid stuff, but Syawal is here, and i feel festive actually, tonight!

may this be a safe Raya for everyone! Selamat Hari Raya!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

amantadine poisoning

there's this lady who was previously healthy, who came in with fever for 2 weeks, with only headache as another symptom. she had no special findings when we examined her, and her blood results were generally negative for anything.

there was, however, consumption of some traditional "tonic" for the last 3 weeks. aha!

i thought i was House, so i asked her to bring the tonic, and it was some Chinese remedy "to strenghen (sic) body, brain, kidney, liver, heart, lungs, blood, ovaries, intestins (sic)" and at least another paragraph of the usual nonsense.

i thought it was possibly amantadine poisoning (God knows what they put inside these tonics), so i googled up the ingredients like:

Fructus Corii
Fructus Lycii
Radix Polygoni Multifluri
Radix Angelicae Sinensis
Radix Astragali
Radix Corcumae Ginseng
Semen Cuscutae (don't ask)
Herba Cistaches
Herba Dendrobii
Cortex Acanthopanacis Radicis

and these were just the shorter names, there were at least another 5 ingredients that i didn't bother copying down because they were just too long. there was no mention of amantadine anywhere though.

well, there's no twist to the tale, i just felt like telling the world that i'm NOT House. aha!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Spanish China

my mother just came back from a week in Beijing with her aunt. she brought back lots of stuff and pictures.

plus a story: she went to some shopping bazaar with lots of stalls selling all sorts of stuff (mostly fake, but hey, it's not as if we wouldn't shop there anyway).

10% of the Chinese traders there at that shopping bazaar spoke a non-Mandarin, non-Chinese dialect, and non-English, language. i kid you not - they spoke French, German, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian. and that's just the ones that she heard, when these traders were entertaining foreigners who were either visiting, or were from the ongoing Paralympics.

oh. my. God.

they are seriously taking over the world, and not only because they are the most business-minded people in the world. imagine a Malaysian from a middling-sized town, say Taiping or Muar or Sandakan, learning a non-Malay, non-English language, just so he can communicate with foreigners. oh screw that, imagine him learning a new totally foreign language, just so he can improve himself.

because that's, in essence, what these guys are doing - they're improving themselves so that they can compete in the real world.

we're all doomed. i'm going to buy Berlitz's Greek and learning it next year.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ramadhan = Discipline

no one's going to argue about that, but yet this year's Ramadhan is characterised by exactly the opposite - indiscipline.

from Bukit Bendera to Taipei via Kamunting, our nation is in upheaval.

why can't we learn to be the bigger person? this month, above all others, should have encouraged us.


i've been away for some time, because i've been a little busy with other things, and there was no way i was going let this blog get in the way of a life. wyny was back (second time this year) for a week, and i had a good time with her. mum left for Beijing with her aunt, and is returning tonight. i took the train to KL (it was a day trip) to see a few people and bought two books, a 60L Deuter for my cousin (son to fly to Volgograd for medicine) and had Mushroom Swiss in Burger King. bliss!


isn't Sarah Palin hot? but i'm slowly finding reasons why i'm not going to like her:

1. her anti-choice stance is a little different from my more liberal stance. not even allowing a choice for someone who's been raped?
2. an oil pipeline from Alaska to the lower 48 states? a new 9/11 maybe.
3. kill polar bears and drill, baby, drill? not for energy-efficient me.
4. plus i don't think she's all that brainy, despite the librarian glasses. love the hair though, and her kids' names are pretty cool too.


things are going to get busy again, from now till December. so fewer posts, and more work. but maybe after that i'll go for a long weekend in Langkawi, do nothing but read, get a tan, eat chocolates and red meat, sleep till late.