Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Best of Barack Obama

why should i write about Barack Obama when the world is doing it far more eloquently than i am?

W's 20 Worst Gaffes (although they had to really choose - there were hundreds):

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Lazy January

i had a brilliant start to the new year, spending three gorgeous days having good food and good company, watching Bolt in 3D and having a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y NO plans at all. afternoon naps, some reading, pleasant conversations and a nice evening stroll around KL. 

that made me think that 2008 was an exceedingly busy year for me. i started my MO-ship in OPD February 1st, started A+E February 16th, started Medical June 2nd. it was a year spent preparing for 2 exams and emotionally preparing for lots of decision-making. 

(i suppose when you're a House Officer you'll be busy doing stuff, and not so busy making treatment decisions. but now, you're a step up and you're supposed to be accountable for your actions, and sometimes decisions are difficult, and no amount of knowledge will help. a good common sense and a bit of creativity is useful though.)

i tremendously enjoyed 2008, and it brings to mind my other wonderful year, when i was in Form 5 in 1998. will my seminal years occur decades apart? the other 9 weren't bad at all, so i'll be happy with a 1-in-10 excellent year! i can't remember much of 1988, but i'm certainly looking forward to 2018!


and of course, we have our double-oathed President of the United States of America - Baraaaaack Obama! i'm glad that other fool is out of office. let's watch him work wonders, starting with Guantanamo!


and now we're at the cusp of the Chinese new year. a bit of spring cleaning, a lot of general festivities, but i'm on call on Day One. sigh. hopefully this will be the last year i'll have to this. yay!


i think i've already destroyed a relationship this year, though. someone high up in our hierarchical feudalistic Asian anachronism of a system couldn't take a comment, so there you go. i think i am almost certainly a banana - yellow on the outside, white on the inside. and it's not only the language that i speak in. :-)


this year will also be a good one. one more big examination to go, and hopefully this endless pursuit can stop, if not in spirit then at least in words.

Happy Chinese New Year!