Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Genius of Wilde

some may say he's a homosexual, but who cares when you write as beautifully as Oscar Wilde??

"... he would bring her acorn-cups and dew-drenched anemones, and tiny glow-worms to be stars in the pale gold of her hair."

what would the modern-day Romeo bring his Juliet? Tristan, his Isolde? Charlie Brown, his little red-haired girl?

maybe geraniums and honey, kittens and brown paper bags, coffee and newspapers, Saturday morning cartoons, running shoes, iPods and iPhones. 

gosh, where has romance gone?

Monday, February 09, 2009

a long birthday weekend

my birthday was over the weekend, and it was a long weekend. as usual, i didn't celebrate my birthday with parties or gifts or special stuff. 

it's in February, so it's fairly early in the year, when people are still fresh from celebrating New Year, Chinese New Year or Thaipusam. some years, my birthday falls smack in the first few days of CNY, and everyone's around, and i'll get a gathering of friends over for CNY and suddenly it'll turn into a birthday "party" with a cake and a song and stuff.

i don't hate it, but i won't say that i adore birthday parties either. 

all i want for my birthday is to be quiet and alone, with maybe a more-special-than-usual dinner at the end of it, maybe with my parents and sister, or with some friends, or my significant other these past 2.

presents and greetings are of course welcome and pleasant, but i don't expect them from anyone, and therefore every present and greeting are wonderful surprises. plus there's no risk of disappointment.

anyway, this year's birthday was a good one. but the best part of it was a text message that i received from someone totally unexpected - a patient.

God only knows how my birthday was revealed, but there you go. thanks for that!

Friday, February 06, 2009

they're cursing my Sultan Azlan now, those PKR folks. what's wrong with these f*****s? can't they behave a little gentlemanly? i agree, the BN acted unfairly, dirtily, maybe illegally, and they are a bunch of people who do not deserve love or respect - but why must the Opposition act like juveniles? why must they further tarnish their reputation? 

Malaysian politics is screwed. there's nothing we can do about it, and it's not apathy. no amount of letter-writing or hand-wringing can save us. 


i've just watched the TV3 news. riots, FRU, tear gas, demonstrations, arrests... what the hell are we? a Third World democracy?


it's easy to get caught up in anger now at what's going on. but let's look at this rationally:

can't they just leave Pakatan Rakyat alone for 4 years? they won in an election fair and square. if they suck at managing Perak, then WE will vote them out. remember - it's a democracy, so it's WE who decide, not you, Mr Najib from Nottingham University.

your action smacks of high-handedness and arbitrariness. do you think we are stupid? if the corruption charges against the PKR assemblymen are dropped (either quietly or publicly), do you think we won't notice? DO YOU THINK WE ARE STUPID? DO YOU????

you may have won Perak again, but every last little shred of infinitesimal respect that i have had for you is lost. so you have lost. and you may govern me, but you cannot, cannot, cannot rule over me. that's because we're NOT STUPID.

those 3 should resign. i don't care why you choose to switch sides (i don't care even if it's corruption), but you must resign. that's the only honorable thing to do.

our politics are not personality-driven. it's party-driven. unfortunately, we are not voting for YOU, Mr Osman, Mr Jamaluddin and Ms Hee. we voted for your parties. i don't even know which university you went to, so why should i vote for you?

it's different with Barack Obama. if he campaigned exactly the way he did, but under the Republican banner, he'd still win. but over here in malaysia, we're voting according to party philosophies, not individual personalities.

if we want Barisan Nasional, then we'd vote you in. not any other way around. okay? do you get the message?

that said, you are all a bunch of rude idiots. i'll repeat, because you're idiots. you're RUDE IDIOTS.

one, you do not demonstrate in front of the house of your Sultan. two, you do not threaten your Sultan with a lawsuit (Sultan Azlan, the most dignified and regal of the Sultans in Malaysia, was a judge, is an intellectual, and will be too classy for you fools). three, you do not lose your grace and head in such a scenario, because Barisan Nasional will only use it to portray you as irresponsible and unsafe.

can't you carry yourselves with a bit more dignity? losing hurts, but the whole world can see the unfairness of it all. the W.H.O.L.E. WORLD can see. but legally you've lost, so swallow it up, gut it out, and have a bit more class. know that the silent majority is on your side.

and please drop the lawsuit. 


there is much anger now, in Perak and beyond. i can cure meningitis, but i cannot help those afflicted with this anger. it will fester and grow, and poison our society. we're going to hell, and there's nothing i can do about it.

God save Malaysia (from ourselves).