Monday, March 30, 2009

Freeman Dyson

this is Mr Freeman Dyson. he is a genius who dealt in physics and mathematics. my favourite newspaper wrote an extensive story about him:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Maira Kalman

i am in love with Maira Kalman! she's an illustrator for children's books, and her works are gorgeous! okay, Robert Sabuda, move over!

economic stimulus

here's how i'm stimulating the economy, and i love it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i can't sleep more than 8 hours at a stretch now without waking up for no reason. sigh... it's like going on call has programmed me to wake up at certain times to check my phone and make sure that no calls or texts have been missed. 

will a new phone change things then, i wonder? haha!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ads on my car

well, i work in a hospital, as a trained healthcare professional. that means i've devoted years of my life to science, and i think with reason and logic backing my decisions. i like to think that most (if not all) my colleagues are the same.

so it really is interesting to come back to my car after work most days and find ads on photocopied paper stuck to my windscreen. like this one:

i mean, does Dr Lucky think that anyone of us will really call him??

Thursday, March 12, 2009

oh, for the love of God!

i love newspapers. i remember reading the New Straits Times as a standard 2 boy, coming home from morning school, and having lunch with the newspapers. i was small, and the NST was big (it was the still traditional broadsheet then), and i would spread the newspapers on the cold cement floor, and place my plate in front of it, and eat away!

i'll always start with the sports page, and then move on to local then international news, and end with the comics. habits - i still do the same till today.

back in university i would read a few newspapers a day online. a bunch of us shared a wireless connection, and they would download Desperate Housewives and Futurama (and i'll leech from them), and i would give them the bandwidth by just downloading text. it's still a habit, but i'm reading more New England Journal of Medicine these days than the New York Times.

but the thing is, i still looooove the feel of a newspaper in my hands. the crisp pages, the way you can scan the entire page in a few seconds, the way the editors lay out columns and fonts and advertisements - plus you can sit down to breakfast with the real newspapers and not worry about getting the online newspaper wet!

that's how i stumbled upon a new hobby - collecting foreign newspapers! so far, i've held the Guardian, Times, Independent, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Sydney Morning Herald, Bangkok and Jakarta Posts, Straits Times and South China Morning Post in my hands... and boy, are they different from our local newspapers!

so much more depth, so much more content, so much more analysis, so much more courage and freedom - but the best thing of all is - a lot of them are broad sheets, instead of the newer tabloid-sized or Berliner editions.

broad sheets - ahhh! it may annoy the guy sitting next to you on the Tube, but boy does it bring back childhood memories. the online newspapers will never be able to compare with the real thing, and the tabloids will never compete with the broadsheets.

which is why i'm so depressed to read this article:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rick Reilly

goodness i've found a sports writer that i love! he may be American, and he'll write about American sports that i cannot understand, but a good writer is a good writer is a good writer - so there!