Friday, April 24, 2009

Maira Kalman - she's at it again!!

oh gosh! check this out:

isn't she just wonderful?? the writing, the cursive font, the words, the brilliant illustrations...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

cats are stupid

i was buying dinner today, and i was walking back to my car. from a distance away, i saw a black cat humping a brown cat.

in the middle of the road, right on top of the divider line. 

two cars passed, but the black cat was still busy having fun.

the third car honked and (by this time i was close enough to see and hear) the black cat cast an evil eye at the silver Vios and growled in the voice of The Devil Cat from Hell. and then the party broke up.

after you interrupted a black cat's fun, whoever the owner of the silver Vios is, you're probably not going to get any action for the rest of your miserable life. 

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

what i wanted from the elections

now that it's over - i can tell the truth.

i discharged a middle-aged gentleman on saturday morning so that he could go home and vote in the Bukit Gantang elections. he was admitted for high sugar levels in his blood, but he was very well when i saw him. he also had an amputation above his right knee 2 years ago for a very bad foot ulcer.

so i told him, okay, pakcik, you go home today and wait for the politicians to come to your house. when they come to your house, you show them your leg-less lower limb, and ask for RM1500 for a prosthetic leg. tell them the doctor at the GH asked you to ask them for a prosthetic leg. tell them that you will vote for them if they give you money for a prosthetic leg. tell it to Pakatan and Barisan, and tell them that you will vote for them both (but tell them separately, of course!). 

plus, i told the pakcik to get down their names and their phone numbers, and to call whoever wins, so that he can claim his due. :-) best of all, i told him all this with a serious face, and i managed to convince him that it is right and appropriate for him to do so!

ahhh... Machiavelli. everyone's favourite Italian royalty!

Friday, April 03, 2009

5 to 6 - 3/4/09

Oh No.