Monday, May 11, 2009

I was there!

i was there when Chelsea beat Arsenal 4-1, and i must say that the stadium was fantastic!! okay, it may not have had the character of Highbury (i did see it when i came over in 2004), and it may not have the character of Old Trafford or Camp Nou, but it was still quite a sight to behold. 60057 people made the trek to Emirates this afternoon, with gorgeous weather and sunshine. it was a perfect day for football, and i am glad i was there, although the result was a bit of a disappointment (plus i lost my £5 bet with Ladbrokes). i should have kept to my traditional annual Arsenal-Tottenham bet, sigh.

today i also pampered myself with the newspapers - read in the sunshine! it's so pleasant to be able to read in the sunshine, without sweating like pigs. the weather was cool and windy, and the sun just pleasantly so.


and then it was time to go home, and when i did, i saw this man who fell down the stairs at the Tube station. he was conscious, but had a laceration over his head. he was a little tipsy, and his son was there (tipsy too). so i stopped and helped, and the paramedics arrived in no time at all.

and they were fantastic - took control of the situation, stabilised the spine, gave oxygen, inserted a 22G cannula (the largest there is - the orange one), log-rolled him onto the spinal board and carried him upstairs and onto the ambulance.

i am very impressed! they were obviously well-trained, with excellent bedside manners, and calmness under pressure. okay, one will argue that they deal with drunken falls 7 times every night shift, but this belies the fact that they handled the whole event very well.

the moral of the story? if you ever fall down the stairs in London, you can be reassured that bery competent help is on the way.

my only hope now is that no one will sue me for being a Good Samaritan.


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