Friday, October 09, 2009

I'm Internet-enabled!

i'm flying off tomorrow, to take an exam in the UK. hopefully it'll be the last one for some time, and i can then study to upgrade myself for fun, rather than a structured examination. :-) wish me luck!


the last 69 hours or so, i've had my Streamyx connection shut down. i thought it was me, and i went out and replaced a modem, but it didn't work either.

so i called 100, to try to settle the problem. they kept saying that it'll take 48 hours. and 50 hours after i made the initial complaint, two technicians were despatched to my place.

within 10 minutes and with 2 phone calls, they diagnosed the problem.

it was a wrongly-issued work order on Tuesday, to terminate my account. to solve the problem, their hands are tied - they needed a new work order to re-connect my account. it's just a matter of a few jumper cables, no sweat.

so today morning, i went to TMpoint at 830am, and stayed there for 50 minutes, to settle this problem. initially the people there said that i'll be reconnected within 24 hours, but i said that it was not acceptable to me, and i wanted to be reconnected NOW.

and i didn't budge until i got a reassurance that i'll get it by 12pm.

my issues are as follows:

1. it was probably a clerical error that led to the termination of the service. i have no problems with mistakes that happen, and there shouldn't be a witch-hunt for the person who made this mistake. i forgive this.

2. why do you need 48 hours to settle this issue? it needs settling NOW. AT THIS INSTANT. i made a total of 12 calls to 100 over this period of 69 hours, just to settle this, because this is a matter of principle. i will not tolerate third world levels of service, not when they advertise themselves as some big international company.

the first 4 calls kept telling me that it's 48 hours to a solution. it's also not their fault - their hands are tied and the company is telling them to tell the customer that it's 48 hours to a solution.

so i waited patiently, and when Hour 48 came with no solution, i can use the company's policy against them. and i did - with a further 8 calls between Hour 48-52 trying to diagnose this problem.

i just refused to budge. i was not rude at all, i was very reasonable, said thank you and sorry, told them it's not their fault, tried to get them to agree that we need to get a solution for me, and finally at Hour 50, two technicians came, who made two calls and inside 10 minutes, got the diagnosis.

see how important it is to have men on the ground? not inside some air-conditioned call centre in KL.

3. it turned out to be such a simple problem - issue a new work order, re-connect me the next working day, and voila! no problems for all concerned.

but why couldn't the technical assistance folks in KL handle this from their computers? what kind of archaic 1960s system that Telekom Malaysia runs? can't you check this from any PC?? that technician even got the number of the work order, all through a telephone call! an analogue call in a digital world - that solved the issue.

4. in TMpoint today, they said that i needed to wait 24 hours to be reconnected. this wasn't acceptable to me, and i told them in very certain (but very polite) terms.

what sort of company terminates immediately on receiving a work order, but needs 24 hours to reconnect, even after receiving a new work order? it's just a damned jumper cable - detach, and attach.

5. all this boils down to one thing - Telekom Malaysia has a virtual monopoly on telecoms services in malaysia. a lack of competition has made them bloated and too comfortable, and therefore ignorant of an individual customer.

we don't have first world infrastructure at all, so don't lie to ourselves. we cannot even ensure 1Mbps, and South Korea is already at guaranteed 10Mbps speeds.

and we definitely don't have a first world mentality either - and the way i was given a runaround is testament to that.

there are a lot of structural flaws inside the system. and it needs to change.

the technicians are the best - Mr Sufian and Mr Suid - both very professional and very competent. i'm impressed by them, and wish there were more like-minded people in Telekom Malaysia.


okay, i've finished ranting. now to have lunch, and then leave for Penang to see the LOML, and then to fly off soon.

i'm ready for it. i'm ready for this. i have an exam to finish! yeah!