Friday, December 16, 2011

end-of-year reflections 2011

maybe i try to look for timelessness in the things that i write. the immediacy of the world around us can be a shock to the system - we're constantly taking pictures of what we eat and then posting it to facebook, for example, or twittering about what we are talking about on facebook (in what appears to be a digital infinite loop).

but truly, effective communication only takes place when one can stop the chaos that is taking place around us, and connect with another human being for more than the briefest few seconds necessary to acknowledge another being's existence. there's far too much going on in the cacophony around us, and far too little time spent in silent and elegant solitude.


another year has passed, this time spent merantau di negara asing. there were highs (i got married, passed my MRCP, re-connected with debating and NGO work, travelled a bit) and there were lows (grandma's passing, and others) - it was a routine year. i grew wiser AND smarter (they're not necessarily the same thing), and have a clearer idea of my strengths, weaknesses and desires.

where does The Road take me, i still don't know... what i do know is that i want to be re-connected with the people in my life, those i have not seen/heard from in years....